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Having a loose vagina is simply no fun. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. Not only does it decrease your sex drive and the pleasure you get from having sex, but it also takes a toll on your self confidence as a woman. It’s a difficult time when it seems nearly impossible to please your partner, and yourself for that matter.

I’ve been there! This is exactly why I wanted to create this list of three simple at home, discreet ways to tighten up your vagina. This is more about firmness, this is about getting your life back. This is about enjoying your partner and getting your confidence back. So let’s get started…

1.) Kegel Exercises

I’m sure if you have been searching online for just a few short minutes on ways to tighten your vag you have come across many women preaching about these wonderful pelvic floor muscle firming exercises. They work by contracting and relaxing the main muscles that hold your vaginal walls in place. Simply, the pelvic muscles that keep your vagina tight.

These work by identifying your pelvic floor muscles, and then doing multiple sets of exercises throughout the day. Overtime this will build up the strength of these muscles. Think of this as the same as building up your biceps. You have to lift weights over and over. As you can lift more you up the amount of reps you do.

Kegel exercises are done the same way. Start with a simple set of say 10 repeated three times. Do this two times throughout each day for a week. As your muscles get used to this, up the sets to say 20. And then repeat this more times during the day.

2.) Ben Wa Tightening Balls

These simple balls are used by inserting them into the vagina, and using the strength of your pelvic muscles to hold them in place. These balls comes in loads of different sizes and materials. Some even come with a string to help with easy removal after your exercise session.

The same concept applies to the ben wa balls as does the kegel exercises. Start by using a light ball and holding it in for about fifteen minutes. As your body becomes stronger hold the ball in for longer. And then to make it more difficult increase the weight of the ball.

3.) Use A Vagina Tightening Cream Or Gel

There are many on the market and I’m not going to discuss them all. For the most part many women are standing behind v-tight gel. You can see their many reviews at www.v-tightgelreviews.net. This is by far the most popular of the vag tightening creams as you can tell by just doing a little research online.

This basically works by applying it to the inner walls of the vagina. As you give it a few minutes to work, you will feel the vagina getting firmer. This is great to use just before having sex as it will not only work by tightening the vagina, but it also provides a sleek lubricant to help with vaginal dryness (another common problem many women face).

These are just three simple at home tricks to be on the way to a tighter vagina and most importantly, better sex. Just give them a simple try today. Mix and match the different methods, and just a note: when you combine all three together it can work wonders in a very short period of time.